Influencer Commerce

We enable influencers with thousands of followers to sell high quality products to their followers on social media.

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The future of commerce is social 
and influencers hold the key

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consumers trust social media to guide purchasing decisions

Source: Annalect, Twiter

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consumers depend on influencer recommendations

Source: Sprout Social

How it works

Our platform matches influencers to products

Influencers sell these products and get a cut of sales

We power the new 21st century business model

From factory to Instagram, we enable brands to reduce costs and influencers to work with the best products

Why Vybes is unique

With our proprietary technology and deep understanding of influencers, we are able to connect the best brands with the most suitable influencers

Wide Reach

Database of 200,000+ influencers with 10K to 10M followers

AI Matching

We match influencers to the right products


We reward results based on performance

Power Influencer Commerce with Vybes